Words and prayers are powerful chords, and you need to see what you use every day: “Lord, I am guilty, I should be punished for my sins.” What is this prayer? If you think you`re guilty and deserve to be punished, you ask for it! This prayer is to be alive, to be in love, to be who you really are. Each word of this prayer intends to completely heal your spirit. It can heal any wound in your emotional body and help you detach yourself from what keeps you in drama and suffering. I absolutely LOVE this prayer. I just heard it for the first time at the Hay House World Summit. I will pray this prayer again and again. It expresses what my soul was trying to tell me, but I couldn`t hear it. I understand now. Thanks for sharing. I haven`t read the book yet. But this prayer touched a nerve. Thank you. :)) I will respect all creation as a symbol of my community of love with the one who created me for the eternal happiness of humanity I will live my life with gratitude, love, loyalty and justice, starting with myself and further with my brothers and sisters My answer was: “You do not stay in heaven because you still have to purify the Spirit.

Your faith is powerful, but it is invested in what you believe, and most of what you believe in yourself is a lie. Remove your faith from the lies! Unleash your faith, and you will see how powerful you will become. Thank you for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share your love, wherever I am. I love you as you are, and because I am your creation, I love myself as I am. You will free yourself from the emotional drama by discovering all the lies you believe in. It is a process of unlearning lies.

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