Instead, he signed a new agreement with China, some of which said it would not be enough to compensate for the losses cambodia suffered due to the loss of preferential trade access with the EU. Samoa, which had been granted LDC status in 2014 (becoming rather a developing country) [3], was removed from the EBA beneficiary list on 1 January 2019. [4] The Everything But Arms (EBA) initiative, launched in 2001 under the EU`s GSP system, provides least developed countries with duty- and quota-free access to almost all products (as the name of the programme excludes arms and ammunition). Meanwhile, labor rights have been relaxed by an amendment to reduce protection for the hundreds of thousands of workers who make clothing for global fashion brands. In addition to the main country-specific information on import and export conditions, Access2Markets said: “We want to be friends and partners with all the countries in the world, but if they don`t want to understand us and force us, we don`t agree,” he added. We have already tasted countless wars, tragedies they had done for us, but we are not dead. He also warned that if the EBA were lifted, his government would take revenge on opposition members.

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