D. Subcontracting. TRG reserves the right to subcontract to subcontractors all other services it provides to the Academy, including, but not limited to, transportation, catering, payroll and/or IT services, with the prior authorization of the Academy`s Board of Directors. TRG may not subcontract the administration, control, occupation or operation of the teaching and teaching program to subcontractors, except with the express authorization or with the prior authorization of the Board of Directors of the Academy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, TRG remains liable to the Academy for the quality of the services it is required to award as subcontractors, as well as for such subcontractors` compliance with the contract and all applicable laws. In addition, the Academy does not pay any fees or surcharges for such a subcontract. A. Supplementary Programs. The services provided by TRG to the Academy under this agreement consist of the education programme during the school year and the school day, as provided for in the contract.

With the prior permission of the Academy Board, TRG may offer additional programmes, including, but not limited to, adult and community education, summer school and other specific programmes. In cases where FIT is responsible for the costs associated with the provision of such supplementary programmes, FIT and the College, in a report agreed by the Parties prior to the implementation of such programmes, shall share with the College all revenues, less expenditure relating to the Academy. G. Other organs. All grants or donations received by the Academy or the TRG for a particular benefit of the Academy are exclusively intended for the Academy. Marketing and development fees paid or invoiced by the Academy are limited to costs specific to the academic program and do not include the costs of marketing and development of TRG. For example, catering and transportation. Initially, TRG will not offer transportation services to Academy students.

If the Academy Board authorizes, students receive a lunch and breakfast program as part of the normal school meal program. F. Training. FIT regularly and continuously trains all teachers in their methods, curriculum, curriculum and technology. .

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