Hello, I can download my entire agreement of my apartment from the site, it displays only index 2 Index 2 Real estate document Download / How to download index II of the registered agreement and the deed of sale. You cannot download Index II from 1982. You need to go to the SRO office where the document is registered, and Index-II I searched my real estate details by entering the survey number. My neighbor`s Index II is available there, but mine is not. In fact, there are 3 Out of 16 Flats Index II. How do I get my index II? My contract year is 1999. I cannot download the &Index II document. I receive the following error exception in the document number search: Object return is not attached to an instance of an object. Contact SRO. How can I contact SRO and where can I download the document from? The registration is done in the years 1998 & 2000 There are two ways to check and download the index II.

I have an index 2, but it does not mention the flat number. Can I create a new one? What is the trial? Hello link provided does not work I want to copy the agreement and index II for an apartment in Pune. Please provide a new link if you have it. Index II is an extract obtained after registration of the document of the immovable property. This is a kind of extract issued by the registration department as an official record of the document or transaction in the registration authority`s records and which confirms that the transaction has been concluded. Only certified copies are valid. Index-2 is a very important document, while you take out a loan on the real estate of a bank or financial institution they ask for a certified copy of the index-2 of the property cited. For the search for a real estate number, the minimum tax for the search is rs.300. For downloading documents, the fee for downloading a single file is Rs.100. For document search, the fee for a single index view II is Rs.25. Please make sure that you have sufficient credit on GRAS Challan to benefit from the services mentioned above.

The number of two Challans is not crammed together to benefit from the above-mentioned services. Select the document number on the left, then the “regular” document type and district, sro is the Haveli number in which the document is registered, then year of registration and document number. Please do not index -II from 2002 can be downloaded on this link. before 2002, you need to ask the SRO office to expose the same thing Hello, how can I search for an index form 2 for a registered apartment in Sahakarnagar No.1, Pune 411009 RegardsKunal Bhagwat There are 4 types of index created by the registration department and which are the categories by type of document which are as follows. As I load index 2 form for pune bhawani peth 1996 the global agreement is not given after 30 to 45 min. with code / reference. Only the full agreement can be downloaded for MUMBAI. Index -II can be downloaded for the whole of Maharashtra.

Hello, I can see Index II for properties that were registered in July-2015, but I do not receive a download document option. Registration for SRO Kurla 5. Please help us. What is Index II a publicly available document with the following important details: 1] Type of agreement 2] Apartment number or house number with land registration number 3] indicates both parties (seller, buyer) 4] Sale price (indemnification), precision price (market price) 5] Date and time of agreement and date and time of registration of agreement 6] stamp duty paid, and paid deposits This statement is awesome! I managed to extract the index II from my apartment….

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