There are different ways of assigning physical and legal custody: the person who filed the initial complaint can request a finding of delay. See the request for default order (CC-DR-054). If the Tribunal is satisfied that the service of the proceedings has been correct, it shall make a decision of delay. This makes it possible to hear and cut the custody case without the participation of the other party. It`s important that any ideal custody agreement is based on how Maryland courts decide on custody of the children and how you and your child`s other parent can work together. Maryland custody orders can be single-time or shared for both legal custody and physical custody. We have developed this educational agreement with the help of a mediator, in good faith and in the name of the good of our children. Shared custody is one of those situations where you want to spell every detail, especially if you and your spouse are not friendly. Consider all the “what ifs” before your agreement is reached, as it will be too late if you want to meet in a neutral place to pick up your child and your spouse does not cooperate. As with all custody questions, the answer is yes if it is in the best interests of the child. In particular, if the judge considers that the health or well-being of the child is at stake, the visit may be limited or denied. In Maryland, it is very unusual to refuse a child`s visit by a natural parent. There are two types of jurisdiction: personal jurisdiction and factual jurisdiction.

The court must have both types of jurisdiction to hear a case. Personal jurisdiction, the power to require a person to appear in court, is discussed in the “Trial Services” section of this site. In Maryland, the specialized courts for the decision on custody and access cases are the responsibility of the Circuit Courts. If you have a custody case in Maryland, the case will go to the Court of Justice and heard by a judge or judge. The situation can become complicated if one of the parties is not a biological parent of the child. Often, people consider the adoption of their spouse`s children as a legal formality, but it still makes them a parental figure. This is another situation where an experienced attorney for das sorgerecht in Maryland can help you build your business and negotiate a custody contract. Work with your family law lawyer to strike a balance between your ideal custody agreement and your former partner`s position. With the help of a mediator or collaborative coach, you can even find a solution that none of you considered at the beginning of your case. Be open to these new ideas and the possibility that you can enter into a custody agreement without ever going to court.

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