An employment contract within the meaning of the United Arab Emirates Labour Law is a fixed-term or open-ended contract between an employer and an employee in which the employee undertakes to work for and under the direction of the employer for remuneration to be paid to him by the employer. Friday is the normal weekly holiday for all employees except those who work daily. Therefore, the UAE`s labor law usually imposes a six-day week. However, it is customary for public institutions and the majority of private sector companies to remain closed on Saturdays, so many employees enjoy a two-day weekend. An employment contract should include conditions for termination, including the necessary notification of the intention to terminate the contract by both parties and debts related to the infringement. From a European perspective, the labor laws of the United Arab Emirates (“United Arab Emirates”) can be seen as more employer-friendly. This assessment is based, inter alia, on the objectives of termination of the employment relationship and on the fact that there are currently no trade unions or works councils. Individuals can ask personal legal questions, get advice on certain situations, have estate planning documents checked by a lawyer and much more. A worker who completes a permanent internship of one year or more is generally entitled to a tip at the end of his or her service. In addition, he may request payment in lieu of leave, reimbursement of return costs and/or damages. Persons wishing to work in the UAE must obtain an employment contract issued and certified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or the Free Zone Authority and signed by the employee and employer. Whether you are an employer or an employee, we support you on all employment law issues such as: Our experienced team creates or modifies and verifies your employment contracts. A duly written employment contract can prevent the accumulation of disputes, as the written conditions make it possible to clarify the business relationship between the parties.

A worker is entitled to annual leave of at least 30 calendar days, provided that his or her length of service exceeds one year. If the worker is employed for more than six months but less than one year, the duration of the leave shall be two calendar days per month. The UAE`s labor law imposes a series of public holidays, such as the Christian New Year (January 1), the UAE National Day (December 2), the Islamic New Year, and the end of Ramadan holidays. Business owners or those who want to start a business can ask commercial law questions, have contracts checked, request custom documents on simple flat fees and much more. The employment relationship ends in one of the following cases: when concluding an employment relationship, particular attention must be paid to the organisation of the employment contract. In addition to local rules and rules, the legal requirements of the employer`s and worker`s home country may also be taken into account when the worker is posted to the UAE. The UAE`s labour law does not provide for a minimum wage. As a rule, remuneration is divided into basic salary and different allowances. Federal Act No. 8 of 1980, as amended (“United Arab Emirates Labour Act”), is the primary legal basis for relations between employers and employees. .

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