Participate in local business, social and charitable events. Sponsor and donate to non-profit organizations. The goal is to get the word out to your business colleagues so they think of you when considering a new office cleaning service. Once you`ve made an offer or made an offer for a cleaning contract, be sure to check in. If a potential customer chooses another company, you`ll find out why. Previews like this can help you improve your cleaning business and close other cleaning contracts in the future. A cleaning contract describes the relationship between a service provider and a customer. As I decided to start a cleaning company, worked for a franchise cleaning company, they had estimation software, and used a rigorous timing system, which was subdivided after, 1st time clean, monthly, bi-wk, weekly, unique, etc, then each of them was lowered to a strict system that had to follow, unless it has been approved, it has been approved in another way. or the client asked us to start somewhere else because. “Changing the system easily would make it faulty… ” from a list of instructions (regardless of the layout of the house) that tell us to start with the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., each room ventilated from corner to corner, to make exactly the “impeccable timing”. .

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