They made a deal to be gay for thirty days, and they even uploaded the list to the internet, preparing to follow these standards to become a real gay couple. After their lack of approval, the whole atmosphere becomes even more positive. The novel I want to read is The Husky and His White Cat Shizun. Although I have seen other translations, sometimes it is really difficult to understand. I have already read mo dao to shi translations from here. That was awesome. I hope that exiledrebelssscanlations will translate the novel for this fan of their translations. link : This novel had been in my library for a long time. Then, after reading the first few chapters, I was basically addicted, and it was to find out that it wasn`t fully translated yet. I can`t explain how much I fell in love with the plot, even after the deal ended, because oh boy, I was wrong to think that the author would leave it at that.

[EDIT: I saw that the links to the novel don`t work. Sorry, use the link to the translator to go to his Wattpad profile and click on the works. AOBGF30D should be there. After they agree to follow a plan that contained something along the sort of “30 things every real couple should do,” you can actually witness with them these days. The course of the story seemed clich√©: enemies, consent, being gay for 30 days, understanding each other slowly, jealousy is created, MC falls in love, MC has planned, but is shrunk by the god of intrigue, MC has gone to Taiwan to forget, ML realizes that he is in love with the MC, MC has returned, misunderstandings occur, ML admits MC, and they live happily ever after. “It won`t work, I`m the gong.” Zhang Lingyi raised his head again and swollen his chest, and then just said, “Shou shou, you can`t threaten me by saying that you won`t be gay with me anymore!” Zhang Lingyi applauded. Ah, it wasn`t easy for him. After being the gong for so long, this was the first time he could exercise the strength of a gong. Ah, it was indeed comparable to the historical moment when the peasants fought for their freedom and obtained it successfully. The words that w.a.n.g Guangning was about to say were strangled in his throat. After carefully thinking about it, w.a.n.g Guangning remembered that he had actually threatened Zhang Lingyi several times.

When someone who had lost the coin throw and had never experienced the advantage of being a gong, W.a.n.g Guangning thought he was really wrong. He reluctantly said, “Good.” 5. The worst bits: It is not fully translated. You really have to wait a long time for updates. The feelings they have for one another are also obvious, but they only confess at the end. After following the plan, they should both expect to end the deal, when they both had feelings for each other. Their thirty-day deal is over, but can they really go back to their previous way of life as if nothing ever happened? [WARNING: This may contain spoilers of the book or novel, regardless of your name…] Zhang Lingyi, you are a natural winner in the world of homosexuality! Please add the translation of the novel Dance of the Celestial Empire by Bu Fei Yan Note however that we will not record abandoned novels, unless they have been left vacant for more than six months. (Please, just talk about Yaoi/Shounen-ai-romans.) Don`t mention Heaven Official`s Blessing or The Scum Villain`s Self-Saving System as they have other translators. I`d really like to read the novel “How to Survive as a Villain” I was looking for, but I`m struggling to get it.

Can you help me or put me in the right direction?. . .

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