(b) the channel`s partner claims to be able to cede one of its rights or obligations under this agreement. 8.2. End-users remain customers of the reseller at all times, unless the end user subscribes directly to the product from the company via www.appinstitute.com or addresses the Company without the company`s request. The company cannot disclose the status of the reseller as such to end-users, except with the explicit written consent of the dealer. The channel partner will, at Xibo Signage`s expense, take all measures that Xibo Signage can reasonably require to help Xibo Signage maintain the validity and applicability of Xibo Signage`s intellectual property rights for the duration of this Agreement. You must use a WhiteLabel or provide your own brand for White Label Reseller services and use the generic URL (websiteauditserver.com) as an access URL for resold accounts. The dealer receives a product that is not what he or his customers need 10.3. The company can terminate this contract immediately and without notice though: Safer and honestly, the best option for the reseller is the ability to sell the products as their own intellectual property. White-label solutions don`t require you to credit the original software developer in any way. Instead, you can customize the product as much as you like, resell it as your own and build your brand while generating revenue. No one but part of this agreement, its successors and licensed assignees, have the right to apply any of its conditions.

Otherwise, the software developer must determine whether the reseller can register domain names, company names and trademarks on behalf of the vendor. If they grant such rights to the reseller, the contract must also clearly define what happens to the intellectual property after the contract expires or that will be terminated by both parties. The more you come out of the reseller software agreement, the better. If you want to help end-users install the software, provide training and provide additional services, you need to know this from the start.

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